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Back in 2012, we went on a three-month backpacking trip to South America. We started by volunteering for a month in Peru and then spent the next two months making our way down to Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Thus began our fascination with this beautiful continent.

Two years later, we thought it was time to pay a second visit. But this time for longer.  At the beginning of 2014, we made the decision to  up sticks from England to Ecuador. We began saving, researching and planning, and eventually, on 27th September 2014, we flew out from London to Ecuador. 

We started our journey in a small beach town in Ecuador called Montañita. Here, we spent five weeks training to become English teachers on the CELTA course and settling into the Ecuadorian way of life.

Once we had our Cambridge certificate to teach English, we were qualified to teach English anywhere in the world. We decided to stay in the beautiful country of Ecuador and we quickly found a teaching job in Zamora, a small town on the edge of the rain forest in the southeast of the country. We stayed at the English Institute in Zamora until February 2015. It was a great experience, but felt we needed a bit more of a challenge in a more exciting lively city.

After a two-week incredible trip to the Galapagos Islands, we waved goodbye to Ecuador, and made our way south to Argentina. We arrived in Salta, Argentina on the 25th February 2015. We are now living  in a lovely flat in the centre of the city, teaching English at a great institute and enjoying our new life here.

Here, I will record and share our experiences of planning our move to South America, training on a CELTA course and finding jobs, as well as writing about the places and people we meet along the way. I hope that you might find my website  helpful, interesting, and perhaps inspiring, if you are considering your own mini adventure.

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The Mini Explorer 🙂

What an adventure! – 5 day hike to Machu Pichu, Peru.

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5 thoughts on “Bienvenido – Welcome

  1. Great information!! I’m just curious as to why you didn’t include any info on Colombia, or perhaps you chose not to go there. Is there any particular reason?

    1. Hi Gerry,

      Thank you for visiting and posting a question.

      We would definitely like to visit Colombia, but it wasn’t a place we considered going to live. And to be honest, I’m not sure why! We know lots of people who have said only positive things about travelling and living there. We have a friend currently teaching at a language institute in Bogota and she loves it! In terms of safety, everyone we have spoken to has said that they generally felt safe in Colombia, and maybe even safer than in Ecuador, and the people are super friendly. It seems that they are really trying to improve the country’s reputation.

      If you are considering teaching in Colombia, I know of a job position going. I do not know anything about the school, but here is their website: so you can find out more yourself. In Bogota, you will also find the big English schools, such as Berlitz, International House and there is also a British Council centre there.

      Let me know if I can be of anymore use. I have a lot more to post on my website, but its difficult finding the time as my current teaching job in Argentina is keeping me very busy. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for starting this – Kind of planning the same – but have gone from Hull to Ireland – next stop Guayaquill then me CELTA on January. Looking forward to updates and even possibly meeting up LoL

    1. Sounds great! We’re currently working at a school in Zamora in Ecuador. We’ll probably be here until February, and then may move on somewhere else in South America. Thanks for posting a comment, glad my site is of some use! Will update it soon with information about jobs and contacts or schools. Good luck with the CELTA and happy travels! 🙂

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