Tour of the Bay / Tour de la Bahia

-half-day boat trip around the bay of Santa Cruz, good snorkelling, swimming, sea lions, sea turtles, lots of fish.

– $45 per person with Academy Bay Dive Centre

This was a nice first tour and our first experience of seeing some of the fantastic sea life. It’s a half-day tour that first stops off at Las Grietas, a great place for swimming (see below for more information). It then took us to a fantastic spot for snorkelling. It was our first sighting of a sea turtle and was the biggest one we saw! We were lucky enough to swim along with the beautiful creature for about 5 minutes. We also swam among hundreds of different colourful fish. Superb!

The trip then took us to the Lobería, a rock where the sea lions hang out. We did another snorkel dive here, but the water was extremely choppy so we didn’t stay too long. We didn’t see too many sea lions swimming in the water here, but there were plenty on the rocks.

The Tour of the Bay is a nice easy trip, but if it hadn’t been for the huge sea turtle we saw, it probably wouldn’t have been worth our money. Particularly as you can visit Las Grietas on your own for free (click here for information on Las Grietas).

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz, Los Galápagos
Las Grietas, Santa Cruz, Los Galápagos

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