Las Grietas

-great swimming and a pleasant walk.

– 50 cents taxi ride, FREE to enter.

Take a water taxi from Puerto Ayora, the main port, and ask the guy to take you to Las Grietas. It’s a couple of minutes, just across the water. Simply follow the path and you won’t get lost. You’ll first come to a small beach, called Playa de los Alemanes (The Germans’ beach). It’s a small tranquil beach, popular with families, but nothing spectacular.

If you carry on the path for another 10 minutes, you’ll get to a crossroads. Continue straight across and in another 5-10 minutes, you’ll reach steps leading to Las Grietas. There are some wooden steps and a platform that has been built, where you can leave your belongings and dive into the water. It’s a small pool of fresh water enclosed between two rocks. It’s a very tranquil setting if you are lucky to be there when there are no tourists. The water is crystal clear, cool and refreshing. Not the best place for snorkeling as there are few fish, but a lovely calm place to cool down in the sun.

Las Grietas, Santa Cruz, Los Galápagos
Las Grietas, Santa Cruz, Los Galápagos

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