What to do on Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz was our first stop on our Galápagos trip. We flew into Balta airport and made our way to Puerto Ayora, the main area of the Island with a collection of restaurants, hotels and tour operators. For information about arriving at Santa Cruz, click here.


Santa Cruz was perhaps the most developed of the islands in terms of catering for tourists. The waterfront at Puerto Ayora is very pretty and a great place to walk, particularly in the evenings. When it becomes dark and the lights illuminate the boardwalk and attract lots of fish crabs, rays and, if you’re lucky, sharks. Day and night, you’ll see sea lions hanging around, often sleeping on the boats or on the benches.

Crabs on Santa Cruz, Los Galápagos
Crabs on Santa Cruz, Los Galápagos


We found many things to do on Santa Cruz that were free and great fun. We paid for two tours, Tour de la Bahia and the Pinzon Island full-day tour, of which the latter I fully recommend.

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Sea lions sleeping, Santa Cruz
Sea lions sleeping, Santa Cruz

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  1. My husband and I are planning a trip to Los Galapagos, we are so grateful for your blog and the information provided. I actually have a friend who is also going and I forwarded your blog. Thank you so very much,

    Anabel Lee

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