Interpretation Centre + Playa Mann

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The Galápagos Interpretation is a really great place to learn more about the Islands. It recounts their history, from when they were discovered to how they have changed and are continuing to change today. It’s particularly interesting, and sad, to learn about the dangers that are facing the islands and its wildlife, and the need to help protect them. There are many conservation projects taking place on the Islands and the Interpretation Centre is a fantastic place to help raise awareness.

To get there, you simply walk east along the waterfront until you cannot walk any further. You will then have to take a right, and then take the road up until you have the opportunity to turn left again. Follow the road up and then down a small hill, passing a few B&Bs with lovely gardens. The road will lead you to a university and the beach opposite, Playa Mann. At the university, turn right and follow the road up the hill to the entrance of the Interpretation Centre.

Playa Mann, San Cristobal, Galápagos Islands

Playa Mann is a great little beach to stop at to take a rest on your way to the Interpretation Centre. In the morning when we went, there was no one there, however on our way back in the afternoon, it had become quite busy. The little beach bar was open and was a popular place to get an ice cream. In the morning when we went, it was lovely and quiet, and nice and calm to take a swim.

The Playa Mann and Interpretation Centre are a great half-day out. Once at the Interpretation Centre, there are many trails indicated which will take you to more beaches, great snorkelling spots and fantastic views. Perfect for a day out. Follow the link below to find out more.

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