Cheaper options for Accommodation

Before going, we looked into cheaper alternatives for accommodation rather than the standard hotels. We couldn’t find any options for couch surfing, and there were few offers on Air BnB. The cheapest hotels we could find were for $15 per person per night. Camping is limited, and as far as I know, you can only camp on San Cristobal at El Ceibo. Other camping spots have closed in the past few years.

Here are the places we stayed during our 15 day trip:

On Santa Cruz, we stayed at a house we had booked on Air BnB. We paid $25 a night for a double room with private bathroom. It was a fantastic house with fully equipped kitchen, large lounge and dining area. The family lived in their own apartment on the floor above, which meant we had the whole downststairs to ourselves. There were three rooms in total, but there was only ever one other guest there.

On Isabella Island, we stayed at Hostel Brisas del Mar for $15 per person. Very basic , but with private bathroom. They had a nice garden though with covered hammocks, so was a nice spot to relax when it rained. It also had a big kitchen, which was shared with the family who ran the hostel.

On San Cristobal, we stayed at Hostal San Francisco, a hostel located in the centre along the water front. We paid $20 per person for a double room with private bathroom. It was a nice place, again, quite basic, but clean. There was also a big balcony to sit and look out over the sea. No kitchen though.  Apparently, Hostal San Francisco and the hostel next door, are the cheapest in town.

Sea lions sleeping, Santa Cruz
Sea lions sleeping, Santa Cruz


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