Reasons for my website

To record and share our experiences of planning to move to Ecuador, training on a CELTA course and finding a job, in the hope that it may inform and help others who may be thinking of doing the same.

Whilst planning our trip, we felt there was certain information unavailable to us that we were surprised we could not find out easily on the internet. We have spent hours googling the topic, reading other peoples’ blogs, tourism websites, expat guides etc., as well as official Government and Embassy websites. There is a vast amount of information, which can be useful, but also overwhelming. With so much conflicting advice and information, it is hard to know which we should listen to.

Everything that you read here is based on our own personal experiences. Please be aware that regulations and laws change and vary from country to country. For this reason, information can quickly become out of date. It is always best to seek advice from your local embassy or consulate who can give you the most up to date information. Having said that, I hope you find my blog useful in terms of helping you prepare and being aware of what to expect.

In South America where countries are developing, it appears that governments are tightening their laws and trying to implement a more regulated immigration policy. At the same time, perhaps paradoxically, they are trying to build their tourism industry and therefore are in need of English teachers to help them do so. We have read countless stories of people who have had such an ordeal trying to arrange their visas, or in some cases, have found it impossible. Perhaps countries should consider a separate visa for teachers of English, which would encourage us to stay longer and commit to longer contracts, which in turn, will benefit the students. In the meantime, however, I believe that if you are organised, well informed and have realistic expectations, you can make your life a lot easier and it is possible to work legally with the correct visa.

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